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Itch.io, no offense, has terrible layout on these game pages. To keep it looking slightly respectable, I've opted out of putting the web player build here. You can, however, download the game files right down at the bottom of this page. (Once I get around to it, might be a day or two. No worries though, the game files can also be downloaded from the link above.)



Tractor to the Infinite is a Multiplayer game that involves players drive a brightly-colored tractor-like vehicle around a square of virtual land. Recently, a Soccer gamemode was added allowing players to partake in a battle against each other or some AI.

In adition to simply driving around, players can also take part in tractor parkour - drive up the ramps and attempt to reach the top.

Once at the top, I've found it highly enjoyable to bash other players off the platform. >:D


WASD - forward, left, reverse, right

Space - The hand brake. In the last update, it went from not working at all to stopping frieght trains. I might need to adjust this.

Enter - Moves you upwards and stops all movement - usefull if you get stuck

Escape / P - In-game Menu. From here, you can change misc. settings.

In the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see the multiplayer connection status as well as a few buttons - Toggle viewpoint between First person mode and Follow mode, Turn on and off the Headlights, and Goto your most recent checkpoint.


Whats happening in the Next update? Some cool stuff, I hope. Flying is in the works.

It's way cool, but nowhere near stable.